EME - Elrond Mutant Eheadz

Elrond Mutant Eheadz is a failed experiment of Dr.Gaban who accidently mutated all eHeadz into EME using EME5(Elrond Mutilium Element)

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shelves _edited.png

📖How does it starts?

All starts will eHeadz. A collection of 2500 unique NFTs living on Elrond Blockchain.

🌟 eHeadz was happy, playing and discovering the Elrond blockchain.

Doctor Gaban was on his lab trying to create the perfect eHeadz. He was so determined to create the perfect version that he couldn't sleep.
Manny days passed for Doctor Gaban without sleep.

One day he discovered that a single drop of EME⁵ (Elrond mutilium element) can lead to perfection.
But more than one can destroy everything he created.

Exhausted he decided to add EME⁵ to the formula but because of the tiredness accidentally added 5 drops of EME⁵.
When he realised what happened was to late.
All the eHeadz stated to feel different. Suddenly their colour changed, hair falls, eyes popped out. Mutation has begin ☢️

Doctor Gaban couldn't supported to see all his creation being mutated.And he decided to join them.So he took the formula and become MUTANT ☢️

All 2500 eHeadz became MUTANTS besides that another 2500 people was affected by EME5 and was transformed on EME as well ☣️